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International prohibited goods

restricted items for shipping

Prohibited or Restricted Items

All items listed below (or any item similar in description or content) cannot be carried under any circumstances by our service. The person sending that items may have their order cancelled without notice or refund.

  • Weapons, explosives, munitions include knives (any replicas, imitations and blank firing pistols)

  • Car body panels, bumpers, car seats, airbags, batteries, windows, windscreens, Engines  

  • Any Dangerous Goods (Inc sprays, nail varnish, perfumes, aerosols for Air delivery)

  • Goods over our maximum dimensions

  • Human Remains

  • Lighter fluid and Matches

  • Tobacco or tobacco products, Alcoholic Beverages

  • Any Drugs (Including Prescription)

  • Plant and seeds

  • Human or Animals remains, animal parts, livestock, and insects, Biological Samples

  • Any Item Containing Petrol, Oil (Liquid, Gas Or Fumes)

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Hazardous Goods

  • Infectious substances

  • Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cheques, Gift Cards

  • Liquids, Perishable Goods

USA Prohibited Items

All items listed below cannot be shipped from the USA, any restircted items will be disposed with no compensation.

  • Flammable items perfume, lighters, oils, nail polish

  • Pressurized containers - hair sprays, shaving creams

  • Explosives Chemicals of any type, matches etc

  • Firearms and components Guns, weapons and their parts

  • Military, police or tactical equipment of any kind, including weapons, special naval equipment, ammunition, military electronics, replicas of weapons, weapons accessories, weapons components, crossbows, tasers, video surveillance equipment, paintball equipment.

  • Cold Weapons knives (including kitchen knives and penknives), axes, swords and other bladed items (except multi tools)

  • Agricultural goods Seeds and plants or fertilizers

  • Drugs, vitamins or dietary supplements (Including Prescription)

  • Plant and seeds, Perishable goods, Alcoholic beverages

  • Any money, Jewellery, Precious stones or metals, Passports and IDs

  • Pornographic materials, in both printed or video format

  • E-cigarette fuel and aroma liquids

  • Shock absorbers, Automobile component parts containing liquids or oils, number plates

  • Items of historical or cultural value

  • Printer cartridges


No compensation Items

The listed items or any similar are unsuitable for carriage in our network and as such can only be carried on a no compensation basis.
If such items are dispatched with us the goods will travel at the risk of the sender and compensation will not be made should lose or damage can be incurred.

  • Televisions or other electronic graphical display equipment with screen size exceeding 37 inches

  • Any very heavy parcel/items exceeding 30 KG

  • Artwork & Works of Art

  • Ceramics and Porcelain (including Pottery, China, Stoneware, Marble etc.)

  • Antiques

  • Credit or Debit cards Currency, gift vouchers, Money Orders

  • Foodstuffs

  • Furniture (assembled i.e. Sofa’s/Wardrobes/Tables)

  • Any glass and glassware, including mirrors, light bulbs etc.

  • Inks and Toners

  • Important Documents (i.e. Passports/tenders/share option certificates etc.)

  • Paint

  • Precious Metals and stones (gold, silver, diamonds etc.)

  • Stamps

  • Microscopes