About our company Shopogolic.net
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About us

About us

Shopogolic.net created in 2012 to help friends and relatives order goods from Britain. It all started with a small room in a private house, which was randomly covered with goods and packed parcels. With the launch of the first version of the website in August 2012, we began to receive the first clients from social networks and forums and realized that this service is in demand and can turn into a small family business. In early 2013, on 1 of February, a company was registered and we rented our first small warehouse. A little later, after 5 years, the site shopogolic turned into a large-scale project that covers all continents of the globe and delivers to more than 200 countries of the world.

Our history



There was an idea to send goods abroad from England, since all my friends asked to buy and send something, mostly they were children's clothes and car parts.


Website launch

The first site with a personal account and an ebay sniper was developed, services, delivery methods and payment were added. We received the first client from the Internet and made this year a large at that time deal to buy rare antique clocks for more than 5,000 pounds.


Company corporation

On 1st of February we registered the official company Shopogolic Limited under the number 08385436, and from March rent the warehouse and launched additional delivery methods. In 2013 we sent our first container by sea with an engine for the American truck :)


Delivery from Germany

Shopogolic.net entered into an agreement with partners in Germany and launched the delivery with DHL and through the Russian Post Office in Germany. And also began to cooperate with commercial customers and other intermediaries.


Warehouse expansion

In 2015, we expanded our warehouse in Britain and began developing special logistics software in order to improve tracking and speed of delivery, as well as integrate all packages in the Russian Federation into a single stream. Back in 2015, we launched our second parcel comparison project for the British customers to deliver parcels by some couriers networks.


New Directions

2016 was a busy year, we began to actively prepare for the opening of a full-fledged company in Germany for more reliable logistics in the case of Brexit, and also to look for partners in the USA. Began to develop a new version of the site with all the previous experience.


Warehouse in Germany

In 2017, the company was registered Shopogolic GmbH in Germany, rented a warehouse and the launch of our German branch. We launched our own routes England - Germany, for faster delivery of parcels.


US delivery launch

In 2018, we finally switched to the new parcel accounting system, improved customer support, established a common warehouse system and the entire project already in 3 countries of the world, and also launched test delivery from the USA together with partners.

500 000
Delivered parcels
220 000
Shopping assistance 
Warehouses in UK, Germany, USA
Worldwide delivery in more than 190 countries
Best shipping rates for deliveries
New developed secure accounts system
Different payments options for any customer
Warehouse automatization

Our team

We try to make our job to the highest standards. People who started the project are still working with us, including our IT team and packers, who for many years have been helping to make the project better.



My priorities are quality of service and responsibility to our customers. Reputation is the most important.


Office manager

Our clients working with us since 2012, I suppose this is an indicator and we are doing everything correctly.



I am glad to work on such a project. This is a cool company and team and I am happy that we are expanding from year to year.


Warehouse manager

Packing and fast shipping are an important part of the business. We watch the whole process very seriously.

Our plans

We try to make our world one for all so that every person has a chance to order any goods from any country of the world and receive it in the shortest time to his home, customer does not have to worry about the safety of the goods or the logistics process, just enjoy shopping Online shopping has tightly entered our lives and every day receiving parcels around the world our customers become happier and we are with them.

  • Connecting new types of fast delivery around the world
  • Expansion of services and fulfilment for stores
  • Process automation for faster order processing
  • Opening offices in the USA and China
  • Connecting partner warehouses around the world to the system