How to fill customs declarations for parcel
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How to declare my parcel content

Filling the customs declarations and CN23 forms on the website is very important!!

CN23 or an international customs declaration is completed for any consignment that crosses the state borders of countries other than the European Union. All shipments depart from the warehouse from us to any country as postal or express mail and are subject to a thorough inspection by the customs authorities of the receiving country. Without a completed customs declaration, it is impossible to send your parcel.

How to fill in the declaration correctly?
  • Describe the goods carefully without mistakes and do not copy details from the shop. If it some dress with butterflies just types woman dress.
  • Describe the quantity and price of the goods without specifying the details (shape, colour, etc.).
  • Do not reduce the price of your items for customs - it is prohibited and you against the law.
  • Use brand if it is known brands
  • Do not exceed the customs limits of your country. You can always divide the order into several parcels, creating for each declaration with another recipient
  • Full correct name of the recipient as essential
    Postal code, country, city and shipping address - make sure there is no any mistakes
    Mobile phone number (required - you will be informed that the parcel has already arrived)


Example of good decalration for small parcel


✓ Kids shoes fabric – 2 pcs – 150.49 £
✓ Woman dress cotton – 1 pcs – 30.00 £
✓ Armani bag leather – 1 pcs – 564.00 £


Combine products of the same category. In one line there should not be more than 10 identical positions - this will be considered as a commercial lot. Do not write all the items in one line. Records of the type "clothes - 50 - 150.00" designate a commercial lot, automatically fall under check and can be detained.


If you have many goods of the same categories, it is better to specify them as follows:


✓ Women's clothing: jackets, pants, skirts  — 10 pcs — 350.99 £
✓ Children's clothing: jacket, hat, socks  — 9 pcs — 90.00 £
✓ Smartphone Samsung Galaxy — 1 pcsшт — 250.00 £