Express shipment declaration for russia
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Filling of the declaration for express shipments

How to fill customs declaration for express shipment to Russia?


Filling out the customs declaration when sending by air delivery is significantly different from the simple CN23 declaration.
Together with the parcel, we send your declaration to the customs, so you need to be careful and not to make mistakes.

If you ordered goods through our company (Shopping concierge service), then all the lines are filled in automatically, and you only need to change the names of the goods by writing them in Russian and filling out the delivery address.

If you ordered the goods yourself at the parcel forwarding service (MF-orders), then you need to manually enter all the required data.

  • Item Name – description in Russian with the indication of the brand (in Latin)
  • Quantity – enter the quantity of the goods in the package, it is best for each product its own line.
  • Price – the price of the goods in the currency of the shop where they bought the goods
  • Item Link – link to each product in the store, be sure to fill in, copy the entire link correctly.
  • Item number – the article from the online store. If this is an item with Ebay, specify the item number, if Amazon has an ASIN number.

You also need to fill in the recipient's details, with mandatory fields full of full name, number and series of civil passports, the date of issue date of the passport, the authority who issued the passport, as well as the number of INN that can be found on the service - without this data the parcel cannot be shipped. If the data is not filled correctly or with errors, then the customs office can return your shipment.



1. The package must not contain prohibited items

2. If the parcel contains a large number of identical names, it will be detained at the customs. We do not recommend sending more than 6 identical items.

3. The total quantity of goods in the parcel should not be more than 30. Each product must be separately filled in the declaration.