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Joint purchases

Joint purchases

Joint purchases (JP) – it is purchased by 1 person for many others or group of people for more economy on sales or small wholesale goods.


Each sponsor of such a purchases is the link between the many others people, product manufacturer or the local consumer.

It connects a group of people with the target of purchasing goods at a wholesale price directly from the supplier, or in discounters and outlet shops.

If you are a sponsor of joint purchases but have not yet found a middleman who offers a minimum commission, then you were looking for us!

Joint purchases - are an important and useful thing, because they allow not only to save money, but also give the opportunity to buy something that is not in the range of shops in your city. In this chain. We call ourselves shopping concierge who know all the subtleties of their business and are able to provide reliable assistance. Cooperate with us is easy and profitable because we provide you with full support for your online shopping and shipping solution to any country.

Cooperating with us, you get:

Commission 0 - 5% on purchases with our help in the best stores in England and Germany

Full order check and quantity, quality, sizes and invoices for every single purchase

Our business is transparent and we can provide all the necessary documents for accounting reporting, as well as customs declarations, invoices etc.

Possibility to pay for goods with a minimum commission through bank transfers to our bank accounts

A special client status under the loyalty program, which gives you discounts on warehouse services and delivery of parcels (for large joint purchases we can offer a business account for orders from different persons for shipment by a single package)

We help you to collect the necessary orders for shipping to your customer or to your address.

We can guarantee:

best quality packing of all shipments

no penalty and fees for big or bulky items

free orders storage up to 60 days in our warehouse

Cooperate with us is beneficial because our warehouses are located in three countries of the world, the dispatch system is established (including oversized and wholesale), low prices for delivery in any country, transparent business processes.

Track and control the movement of your orders in your personal account. Contact us 6 working days a week via email, Skype, or social networks. You will always be in control of every single order.