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Shopping concierge Poland

Shopping concierge in Poland

A warehouse in Poland is now available to our users. A huge number of stores and suppliers for goods for both personal use and for your business.

How it works

Just sign up and get your personal shopping assistant for any orders in Poland

Consolidate your all items in one shipment – save money up to 30%. Free goods storage up to 60 days at any warehouse!

Also, you get free forwarding address for your purchases in Spain shops. What is forwarding address.

Discounted shipping prices for your parcels from Shopogolic. Free packaging and consolidation

Shops do not accept your bank card! No problem we will help to buy any goods from Poland shops with our concierge service

why you have to choose shopping concierge

A reliable and professional shopping assistance service in Poland and EU, more than 7 years experience in the market

We will get orders from any stores in Poland, Germany and Europe and deliver it to anywhere in the world

We provide a forwarding service and complete support for online shopping to anybody

Free consolidation of all goods in one shipment for your money savings

Minimum commission for your purchases and big discounts

We provide service to private persons or businesses from around the world

No any hidden fees and transparent prices for any services

Best customer support 6 days a week



High quality EU goods for all needs.
Buy the best items at a great price, saving on shipping.
Every season in online stores in Poland and Europe are super-sales, where
you can get the highest quality goods from the manufacturer in a very
competitive price without overpaying.

The online store does not accept payment from you because of the bank or your location

You want to do everything right and you need the help of a professional in online shopping

The seller does not have delivery to your country, or to the country of the recipient you want to send

Lot of manufacturers in Poland for your business

Your purchase is expensive, exclusive and you need to check it before sending it to you