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Shopping concierge Poland

Shopping concierge in Poland

A warehouse in Poland is now available to our users for online shopping. A huge number of stores and suppliers for goods for both personal use and for your business. We will help you to buy the right product, pack it and send it to any country in the world. Our Poland Shopping Concierge service helps you to get any goods for you. Just create an order, specify the sizes, colour and other parameters of the goods, pay your order in a convenient way

We help you to make orders from: United Kingdom, USA, Israel, Poland, Germany, Italy and France

How works Poland shopping concierge ?

Create an order

Fill the order form in your account with item options like size, colour or model

Pay by your card

We accept any bank cards from all banks Visa, Mastercard or PayPal and bank transfers


Warehouse in the Poland can pack all your goods from different shops in one shipment

Save your money

Discounted shipping rates – save up to 50 %!

Start smart borderless shopping in Poland just a few minutes

Get access to thousands of online stores!


Why people choose

professional shopping assistance since 2012, experienced in the international market and shipping

we can make an order in behalf of you in any Poland, German or UK shop

you also get the forwarding address for your items from and complete support for online shopping

free consolidation and packaging for all shipments and free storage up to 60 days

best purchases commission on the market and loyalty program for everyone

we work with any private and business customers with no exclusions 

no hidden fees and monthly charges, just pay as you go

trusted by over 40,000 customers already! The Best support on every step


Why you need a shopping concierge in Poland?

Every day thousands of people from all over the world visit Poland shops for purchases. You can do it from your home. Our shopping assistance service is for people who appreciate and love the Poland style and appreciate the quality of goods.

The online store does not accept payment from you because of the bank card or your location

You want to do everything right and need help of a professional in online shopping

The seller does not have delivery to your country, or delivery price is very high

You like quality European goods or want to shop at the Poland brand stores

You would like to make sure your item is not fake, expensive items can be checked before shipping

Can you order from any European shop?

Yes, in most cases we can order goods from the shops of the European Union. Our service is available to all popular stores in the UK, Poland and the EU if the store has delivery to our warehouse. in is created especially for the delivery and forwarding of your goods.

I can order goods from a Poland store for my business?

Yes, if you are the business customer you can order goods and we will forward it to any country in the EU or worldwide.