Parcel forwarding address in Germany
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Parcel forwarding address in Germany

Parcel forwarding from Germany (Europe) offers the best possible service for your purchases if an online retailer does not ship items from Germany or EU to your country. You get your personal address on our website and all orders from eBay, Amazon or other retailers will be delivered to our warehouse for processing. We get your orders on behalf of you. You receive free 60 days storage and free consolidation and ship your items anywhere in the world.

виртуальный адрес в германии

How it works?

Just sign up and verify your account to get free virtual address service. You will see your personal addresses in United Kingdom, Germany, and USA. just type that address in any available shop to send your purchases to our warehouse. Make sure you use address only for delivery and not for billing. After few days you will get an email notification about your order from us and it will be available for storage or shipping to your country.

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Get your free Virtual address in EU in minutes!


Ship all your orders to our warehouse from any shop.


We consolidate your orders for free in one big box for more shipping savings.

Save and relax

We offer economy delivery methods and you save up to 30 %!


Start your borderless shopping in Germany and Europe in a minute


Thousands of shops available for you!

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Main benefits of your parcel forwarding address in Germany

Pay for your orders by your cards and Paypal at any convenient time

Shopping in any Europe discounted shops 24/7

We are official company with 5 years experience and can guarantee safety

All purchases register in our system every day and you get full control

Free 60 days storage and consolidation for any order

Order additional services for your orders like pictures or item check

Don't pay commission for your orders

We do not have any monthly charges, just pay when order

Unlimited space for your orders

Save your money on international shipping




Use your German forwarding address for smart shopping in Europe!

* It is forbidden to use our virtual address for transfer of the goods paid by the third parties by means of Paypal, not on your name. You bear full responsibility for contents of the parcels sent through our warehouse. It is also forbidden to use our address as a billing address, you are obliged to specify your address where your cash card is registered


I have a virtual card, can I pay with it?

If the virtual card is issued on your name, you can pay for goods with it, also you need to confirm that you topped it up from your bank account. We recommend to use cards issued by - they accept the address from almost any country of the world.

It is legally and can I trust you?

Yes absolutely, we have experienced company with more than 5 years on the market and hundreds of people already used our service. Phone or email us if you still have questions.

How to pay for your services and how much is it?

You pay only invoices for shipments after the parcel is created by you and is packed and ready for dispatch, your bill will be available in your account and you will be able to pay. All additional services can be found on pages Rates.