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How to contact you?

We have many contacts solutions, please choose yours 

WhatsApp: +447435805614

Skype: shopogolic.net

Facebook: facebook.com/shopogolicltd

Email: hello@shopogolic.net

Phone our  UK office: +44 1473 561 006


What is Shopogolic.net?

Shopogolic.net - it is service for easy borderless shopping in the UK, Germany and USA with a delivery solution to any worldwide destinations. We offer best-discounted prices for your parcels and items from eBay, Amazon or any retailers directly to your home. 

How much your service?

The price of shopogolic depends on service which you use and also from the weight of a parcel and the country of destination and very often from the size of the parcel.

We can't precisely know the all-round price of delivery before the parcel is packed, the price approximate and can vary both in smaller and on the big side. Service price for goods on the RATES page and the price of delivery of a parcel you can get approximately on the calculator in the section DELIVERY - just enter your country of destination and approximate weight.

How much shipping cost?

The cost of delivery depends on your country, the weight of a parcel, the size of a parcel and delivery type. Just use our CALCULATOR and enter data for the country. You will see all available types of delivery for your parcel.

Air delivery depends on VOLUME WEIGHT and it is necessary to consider this factor. Formula of volume weight: Length (cm) × Width (cm) × Height (cm) / 5000 = Volume weight (kg)
For example, the volume weight of a parcel 50 x 50 x 50 will equal 25 kg and this weight will be considered on delivery or actual if it is higher.

How much virtual address?

Prices for different warehouses can be different therefore please check the service prices on each of warehouses in the section RATES

How to sign up?

Just press CABINET button and sign up with your email or social network and fill your account details and finish verification process. It just takes few minutes and after you can start using your account. Registration is absolutely free and you don't need any bank or card details to register, we do not process any payments before you start use service.

What is verification?

Verification is necessary for the safety of clients and our company. It includes your ID or passport data and your personal home address (billing address). All data are stored on the protected server and can be used by security service of the Shopogolic company for a check of the user, and also for fillings of different forms for customs or in case of fraud with the address. We do not transfer data to the third parties and they are not available for general use.

We can ask you to provide a copy of your passport and ID for security purposes and all invoices and bank statements to proof of your purchases.

Are you deliver from Ebay or Amazon?

Yes, we deliver a lot of items from eBay and Amazon shops and from private auctions. Just sign up, get your virtual address and start shopping after 1  minute.

Can I consolidate all my items?

Yes certainly you can consolidate orders in one shipment for more savings on delivery, this service free of charge and you have to just choose orders and send it for packing. You can consolidate both the orders purchased by you to the Virtual address and orders which we have bought for you.

Can I declare my goods like a gifts?

Sorry, we cannot ship your goods as a gift to avoid any taxes and duties it is not legal. You are the "Importer" of the goods and you are fully responsible for accurate customs declaration. Duty and taxes are based on these descriptions. We may ask you to change your customs declaration or close your account and return goods back to the shipper.

Can I pay for your service in cash?

No, we accept payments online only and do not accept any cash. All payments 100% in advance before shipment leave our warehouse.

Can I pay in advance for your service?

No sorry, we cannot accept payment in advance for our service. You need to get an invoice with full prices for payment before.

Can I purchase on Ebay or Amazon?

Yes sure, you can order from eBay, Amazon, Etsy and other shops when you can make payment by your own card or Paypal.

Follow next steps:

  1. Register on Shopogolic.net to get your virtual address
  2. Go to your eBay, Amazon account
  3. Go to My addresses and click add more address
  4. Just type in your Shopogolic address in full

Don't forget to add your Customer number and Your name and you can start shopping. After few days your order will be received by our team.

Can I send parcel to my country?

We work with many countries of the world and if your country is in this list you can send a parcel to yourself. All countries including Russia, China, USA, Australia, UAE  are in our list of the countries. The prices of delivery to your country can be specified in the CALCULATOR.

Can I send shipment to other address?

Yes sure, you can send shipments to other address if your account is completely verified. You can add the delivery address in your address book in your account.

Can I ship liquids and parfumes?

Yes, if you ship your parcel by road delivery, you can add some liquids and perfumes up to 1 litre per parcel. Make sure alcohol is prohibited for shipping. 

Can you change delivery option?

Before parcel packing, you can change delivery type in your account just with few clicks.  If your parcel was packed but not paid please contact our customer support and we try to change it before shipment left our warehouse. There is a fee for delivery option change. If the parcel was already paid or shipped we cannot change it.

Can you collect items from shop or from private person?

Yes, we can collect items, the price usually 1 pound for 1 British mile or 1 Euro for 1 km in Europe + Toll roads. Just use Google maps for searching https://www.google.co.uk/maps

You can order collection service in your account or on websites www.shiply.com or www.anyvan.com for a reasonable price.

Can you return VAT?

If you would like to return VAT from your purchases please ask shop or shipper do they have VAT on the goods and do they Return VAT to the customer? In some cases, if you can prove all goods have been exported from the EU and shop can refund VAT to you. We can provide CN23 declaration forms or commercial invoice (airbill) and tracking number for your shipment and shop can return VAT. Please read full information about export on the government page https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/vat-notice-7041-tax-free-shopping-in-the-uk/vat-notice-7041-tax-free-shopping-in-the-uk

Can you ship pallets and orders in bulk? Are you work with Business?

Yes in some cases we can help to ship pallets and some wholesales good and bulky items. Please contact help centre for more information. We are ready to speak about your business needs.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, our Shopogolic.net program rewards you and friends you refer. There’s no limit. 

Just Sign Up into your account, select PARTNER PROGRAM in the left menu and start to refer friends and earn money. You can earn 2.50 per any customer who signs up and orders parcels with us. Just send your unique link.
You can refer a friend through:

Do you have discounts?

Yes, we provide to our client's various discounts. These are coupons with codes which you can use during payment of our services. They can be found on the Internet, forums, social networks and also we send them to those who are signed on our mailing.

Also, we have a loyalty program for clients and discounts for services depends on your status. You can learn on the LOYALTY PROGRAM page in more detail.

Do you open a parcels?

Some parcels we can open to check for restricted items and some of our clients ask us to open boxes and send them contents pictures and others ask us to re-pack when we are consolidating, but it’s up to you.

Do you provide tracking number?

Yes sure, all parcels have a tracking number. We use only courier or postal delivery with full tracking. It will be available after shipping in your account. Just press on the tracking number in your account and you can see the full tracking of your shipment.

How can I trust you?
  1. We are the official company in the UK and Germany and can guarantee our service. All our company numbers you can check in terms and Conditions and on the contact page.
  2. Shopogolic.net send all invoices and you can see what you paid.
  3. We provide concierge service only with shops who guarantee delivery.
  4. You can order additional service like photo or order check before shipping to avoid any surprises.
  5. We provide full tracking for all shipments for any worldwide destinations.
  6. You can read reviews on our website with parcels pictures and real trackings.

Our company helps to buy quality goods for hundreds of customers from around the world. Please contact our customer service and we can help with all your problems in very short time.

How I can Pay?

We care about security and our website does not store any payment details.
Shopogolic.net is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).
We accept:

  • Banks Cards 
  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin (UK and USA)
  • Direct bank transfers



How much delivery from shop?

Delivery from the shop to our warehouse depends from country and online shop. Sometimes it can be free. Please search online shop for more information about shipping price in the purchasing country. Usually, you can found it in SHIPPING/DELIVERY or LIEFIRUNG/VERSAND menu on the online shop website. Please include delivery from the shop price in every order. If you have few items from one shop please include it just once on first position.

How much parcel shipping?

We cannot tell shipping price before we know the exact weight, size shipping country and your preferred delivery options. Please use our CALCULATOR just add some weight and size and you will see options for your country.

How to fill customs declaration?

We will offer you a declaration fields when you create shipments in your account. Just fill up short descriptions of your goods, quantity and prices and we do the rest for you.

How to order concierge service?

After sign up, please press button to create order and add a link, colour, price and we will purchase goods behalf of you in the next few hours. 

How to send a parcel?

Go to the ORDERS section, tick off the orders you want to send and click on FORMATE SHIPMENT. Now you need to choose a shipping method and fill out a customs declaration. You can also write any wishes on the package in the "Comments" column. We will pack your package and you get the invoice for the package, it includes the list of services provided. The exact weight of the package may decrease or increase depending on the volume, weight or additional packaging, as well as the type of delivery. We try to keep all packages as small as possible. If your parcel has grown significantly in weight, then you have chosen the method of sending via air and the volume of the parcel is higher than the actual weight

I change my mind and want to return goods to seller, can I?

Yes, we can make returns to the seller if required. Please order return service in your account and we will send you an invoice for returns. Make sure seller is agreed to refund you before shipping.

I have order forder foto, how long it takes?

Usually, it takes up to 48 working hours. You will receive an email when we finish and you be able to see pictures and other services in your account in SERVICES.

I have order with incorrect weight.

Can sometimes seem to you that order weight less than has to be or more than you thought. You can create request through your account for verification of the order or a photo and to specify in the comment on a mistake, we will check and correct mistake. Often the shop specifies the incorrect weight of departure and we type actual weight, together with packing. We are people and some times make mistakes and we are happy to correct it as soon as you requested.

I have paid for my order, why you ask me pay for delivery?

Probably you paid for your order but not for shipping. We can create invoice only when your parcel is packed, measured and we know the weight. Please allow up to 48 hours to get an invoice.

Insurance and claims

All compensation payments are made in accordance with our terms and conditions of carriage. For insured parcels, we accept claims to our email.

Unfortunately, we do not accept claims for delay, we are the third party and all parcels shipped by a courier company, we cannot guarantee delivery time due to different customs procedures in the different country.

For lost parcels, we can start an investigation with courier services if the parcel wasn't delivered within 20 days after shipping date. Usually, it takes up to 15 days to get an answer from a carrier and if parcels lost you will receive full compensation on your balance.

You need to provide full details of your shipment together with proof of purchases. We will provide claim form after your enquiry. 

For damaged parcels, partial loss or missing contents claims you have to provide full details of your shipment, pictures of damaged parcel and packing, proof of purchases and courier delivery slip with weight difference or damage notice.

My package has been delivered, but I cannot see it in the account?

If your package has not been added to your suite after two working days, please contact our help centre. We try all our best to find the package in short time and add to your account. Make sure it is working days in the warehouse country (exclude bank holidays etc). Also, time zones are very different and sometimes it can be very tricky. A common problem is no any client ID number on it and we cannot recognise your package., make sure you send the full address and your customer ID to the shipper.

My parcel have a Taxes and Duties to pay, what can I do?

If your parcel has a Duties or Taxes you have to pay in full in your country. We cannot help with any customs issues. If you do not pay parcel will be shipped back to the sender and we have to pay full return and all taxes on warehouse country where parcel will return. Also, we will charge you for parcel return 100% of shipping price plus all customs fees. We DO NOT recommend to declare wrong items or reduce prices and you will be fully responsible for your parcel declarations and all Duties and Taxes.

Refund policy?

You can return the item in 14 days from the date of receiving it. All returns have to be the new condition, not used with tags. 

A refund will be credited to your original payment method within 7 calendar days of us receiving the returned goods at our online returns centre. We are not liable and cannot take any responsibility for any bank charges that you may incur during the refund process. We recommend that you return the items via a recorded delivery service and retain the proof of postage.

Please note that refunds can’t be processed for any consequential loss.

Weight of my parcel is changed, what happen? Volume weight?

All international air departures are considered to be by volume weight.

The volume weight of departure (dimensional weight) is the settlement size reflecting freight density. The volumetric weight of a shipment is a calculation that reflects the density of a package. A less dense item generally occupies more volume of space, in comparison to its actual weight.

This rule increases the efficiency of packing. Use of more compact and easy packing reduces the volume of departures and leads to decrease in their cost. Our company almost always tries to pack a parcel so that volume weight didn't exceed actual. For this purpose, we select boxes of the necessary size or we cut off packing to lose volume weight and our clients don't need to pay more...

In case of excess of volume weight over physical, the tariff for sending is defined according to the volume weight which, generally, is calculated by the following formula:

Length (cm) × Width (cm) × Height (cm) / 5000 = Volume weight (kg).

For example:
The actual weight of a parcel of 9 kg, but in a parcel is footwear in boxes and the size of a parcel is 44 x 46 x 34 cm. If to increase everything and to divide on 5000, then to turn out that volume 13,76 - this weight and will be taken by the courier and respectively the sum of delivery to turn out higher.

Whether we always ask our clients it is necessary to remove hangers or shoe boxes. Long hangers also increase the volume, such as boxes. The most volume items are children's toys which can't be flat over, please remember it making purchases.

What details do you need for shipment?

Courier companies required full recipient details like full name, address and phone number and email for delivery confirmations. In some cases, we required some more details for customs procedures like passport copy or passport or ID details. Please fill all required fields on our website to avoid delays of your shipment. What is ITN - in some countries for customs procedures required Identification Tax Number.

What is customs declaration?

The customs declaration is necessary for sending any parcels out of borders of the country. Our website will provide you with a form for filling of all data which are reported further to customs authorities of the country of destination together with a parcel. We ask you to treat with all responsibility data which you write to the declaration. Your responsibility to provide the correct data for customs in avoids of delays and problems with departure.

What is my customer ID number?

Customer number or ID is a unique number for every single customer and you can find it next to your avatar and in your Virtual address. Please use it every time for your purchasing. Orders without number will be stored in our warehouse before the customer will ask us to found it. If you are sure order is missing, please ask our support and provide full order details, tracking number, reference number and all details to help us to recognise it. 

What is Virtual address?

Virtual address it is service offered by Shopogolic.net. You can purchase goods in any shop and Ebay if your card is accepted and retailer can ship to our warehouse in UK or Germany. Read more here https://shopogolic.net/en/parcel-forwarding-service

What phone number I can add to the shop?

We highly recommend using your own mobile for shopping and receive order statuses. If the shop does not accept foreign number you can use our office number, but we not answer questions about orders and usually tell to seller contact buyer by email. If some shops ask for UK mobile, please use number 07512345678 (number is not real)

What type of delivery options do you have?

We use few delivery types for your parcels depends on the country. Please check on the delivery page.

When I can pay for your service?

When your package will be fully packed you will receive the invoice for all services and postage. For purchasing assistance, you will pay in the cart when process the order.

When you ship my parcel?

When you create parcel in your account we need some time to prepare your shipment. Usually, it takes up to 2 days to pack your items in the box and prepare all customs documents. You will receive the email about parcels packaging and can pay an invoice in your account. After payment, your parcel will be processed and you will receive the tracking number. Depending on delivery type parcels shipped every working day.

Did you offer mailbox (PO BOX)?

No, we do not provide a mailbox (PO BOX) for letters. A lot of couriers not delivered to mailboxes. You will get a place in our warehouse and we will receive your online purchases behalf of you. Your virtual address includes your personal ID number and we can recognise every single parcel and place it on your shelf at the warehouse for storage.

Please make sure we do not provide your personal address in UK for any kind of government offices or Company formations. All letters from that organisations will be destroyed.

My order is lost what can I do?

In some cases, we receive parcels without name or customer references and we can't recognise it. If you are sure parcel was delivered to our address please contact our support. Please provide your full name account number, tracking of missing order and delivery date. We need some time, usually up to 3 days, to find your order so don't panic and let us sort it out for you.


We do not make any purchases at online-shops without SSL security and without contact us page or company full details.

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