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Parcels delivery from UK

Parcels delivery from the UK

Parcels delivery from the UK (England) to any worldwide destinations is the main of our directions in business. We always try to meet customers and help save on delivery if possible. We are happy to share our shipping experience with our clients and offer delivery to Russia for any type of goods. One of our targets is to make shopping in the UK and Europe easy, convenient and inexpensive for all visitors. Free standard packaging and consolidation included.

UK DPD Service


The most economical and best option for fans of shopping around Europe. We offer the lowest prices for the delivery of your parcels using the DPD delivery service. Economy surface delivery can be used for small wholesale, car parts, perfumes and any parcels up to 30 kg. The average delivery time is 5 - 15 days, there is a tracking system for parcels. You can send to different recipients if required. For larger packages, we recommend ordering additional packaging to avoid damages. It is required to fill in the brief contents of the parcels on the site in the declaration and the full name of the recipient.
Size and Weight
The maximum length is 120 cm. The maximum girth 250 cm. Only actual weight calculated, maximum of 30 kg. 
Fully trackable service on our website. Additional cover 5% available for your parcel during checkout
Delivery speed
Usually, all parcels delivered in 5 - 15 days to main EU destinations like Germany, Belgium, France, Spain. It is road delivery and can be delayed during wintertime.
Door to Door
Delivery to your door by the courier can be used for perfumes, batteries and some liquids.

Royal Mail

AIR DELIVERY by Royal UK post

This is the air delivery of your goods to any worldwide country directly from the UK. Parcels pass customs control and are then delivered by couriers or local postal service to all regions. The average delivery time is 7 - 10 days. You can send any goods including some cosmetics, glass and fragile goods, as well as electronics with battery included in the device. Not suitable for perfumes, drones liquids. A reliable type of delivery for personal goods. It is necessary to fill in all the details of the content, name and full address.
Size and Weight
The maximum box length 60 cm. The maximum girth 90 cm. Maximum weight of 2 kg.
Fully trackable service. Additional insurance up to 1000 pounds only 5%. Price includes consolidation and packing
Delivery time
Average delivery time 7 - 10 days. Parcels shipped by air, so please read prohibited items before shipping.
Where to receive
It is postal services, the parcel will be delivered to your nearest post office.

Shopogolic Post


This is the delivery throughout the RUSSIAN POST in more than 41,000 post offices. Shopogolic Post can be used for delivery of any type of goods including toys, perfumes, large parcels, small wholesale, prams, bicycles and auto parts. Sending parcels from the warehouse every week to Germany and then through postal channels throughout Russia. It is required to fill in the brief contents of the parcels on the site in the declaration and the name of the recipient. 
Size and weight
The maximum dimensions of the box are 100 * 50 * 50 cm (one side maximum is 120 cm). The sum of the three sides is not more than 200 cm. Only the actual weight calculated, a maximum of 20 kg.
Fully trackable service for any shipment from the UK. Additional insurance is 5% of declared content available at checkout
Delivery speed
The average delivery time to Russia is 7 - 14 days depending on the destination area. Dispatches from the warehouse once in 3 - 5 days. Parcels are sent by road transport directly to Russian Post
How to receive
Delivery to the nearest post office throughout the Russian Federation. You can send to different recipients. Suitable for delivery of small wholesale lots and oversized boxes

UK Global


International parcel delivery from the UK (Great Britain) to any destinations around the world with our partners. Delivery to over 220 countries, right to your doorstep or a pick-up location of your choice. All parcels shipped a few times a week directly from London airport. Tracking available in your account.
Size and Weight
The maximum box size 50*50*50 cm. One side maximum 150 cm and 30 kg for most destinations. Volume weight calculated.
Fully trackable service. Additional insurance is available for your parcel only 5%.
Delivery time
Average delivery time 5 - 11 days. Parcels shipped via partner networks by air, so please read prohibited items before shipping.
Where to receive
Usually, all parcels delivered to your door, but in some destinations can be delivered to your post offices.

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We really care about our customers and the convenience of our service. Calculate the cost of delivery
Delivery times on the site are indicative and we do not guarantee delivery on time.
Each individual parcel passes the customs control and your responsibility to check customs restrictions before shipping. 
For UK customers please use website https://topparcel.com/parcel-delivery-to-russia for delivery from UK to Russia