Shopogolic guide

Welcome to!

We are glad to welcome you to our site! Use this short instruction to understand the scheme of the system and start shopping. It will take no more than 5 minutes. If you do not register please do it now.


Sign up


Click the REGISTRATION button, fill in the required information. Then check the mail to which you receive a confirmation email. If the message does not appear for 5 minutes, check the Spam folder. Follow the link from the email and activate your account. At the end, you need to fill out your PROFILE and VERIFY ACCOUNT.


Fill all your details correctly:

  • Your name and surname
  • Your ID details or passport (it is safe)
  • Your phone number with code
  • Your full address - will be used by default for shipping and billing

After filling in all the data, press SAVE CHANGES. A confirmation email will come to your e-mail, and now you can use our virtual address for purchases.

In the PROFILE SETTINGS, you can change your avatar, and on the left under your name, you will see the customer number assigned to you in our system (ID SH11111) and the status according to the loyalty program.

Registration completed, your profile created! Let's see how to buy orders and use your address.


Shopping assistance service


Press create order in your account.

Fill all the data for your every item:

  • Order name for your convenience
  • Link to your item in internet, example
  • Description (Item name)
  • SKU (It is item number from shop if there is no any please type 1)
  • Color and size (your size and colour)
  • Price for 1 item 
  • Quantity​​
  • Local delivery price (Usually it can be found in online shop at delivery page)
  • Comment (if you have any special requirements or code please use it here)


You can edit the order if it is not yet paid. To quickly jump to an order, click the CART icon on the top right. All OR orders are assigned the OR (order) prefix so that when forming a parcel for shipment you can quickly navigate.

After specifying all the data on the product, you can immediately pay it, and our team will buy it in the shortest possible time. If necessary, the operator will call you to clarify the details or write a message.


Order statuses:

  • Cancelled
    - Item is out of stock
    - No full details about items
    - No any shipping options
  • Paid
    It will be purchased soon, usually in 2 hours
  • Pending
    Some details are missing we will contact you
  • Completed 
    After few days it will be with us and you get email
  • Received
    Order came and processed, you can create shipping
  • Sent
    After few days your order will be shipped


How to use Virtual address service


After verification, you get available two addresses - for purchases in England and Germany.

You can buy in almost any shops that accept your billing address and Paypal or cards. Please read the rules for using the virtual address in England and Germany in your account, so that you do not have problems with orders later. All orders for the virtual address are automatically assigned in the system prefix MF (mail forwarding).

Your order will be delivered to our warehouse within 2 - 5 days. After your order is delivered, you will receive a notification by e-mail indicating the weight of your order, the name of the store and the instructions. After that, you can form a parcel for shipment.

You can also combine orders purchased through us and purchased independently, to a virtual address for savings - it's free. All orders have their own menu, which you can use to select additional services or fill out the declaration, including MF-orders. At this stage, you can also order additional services, in the form of a photo or check the goods, if necessary:


Additional services

All services are stored in the SERVICES section so that they can always return to them

✓ Additional packing of the parcel is recommended for all fragile goods, glass, ceramics, appliances and gadgets.
✓ Removing hangers and all excess packaging - helps to reduce the weight and volume of the parcel, sometimes significantly.
✓ Photo of goods and goods check helps to get more information and problems with item before shipping


How to form a parcel for shipment


Go to the ORDERS section, check the boxes that you want to send, and press send parcel button. Now you need to fill in the declaration and choose the delivery options. Also, you can write any wishes for packing the package in the column "Comments". We will pack your parcel in a couple of days, after which you will be issued a general invoice for the parcel, where the entire list of services will be indicated. The exact weight of the parcel may decrease or grow depending on the volume, weight or additional packaging. We try to ensure that all parcels are as small as possible.


Package tracking



You paid for the delivery of the parcel and after a while, you will see the tracking number in your account. Click on it and you can track the parcel in the system or courier website.

  • Some types of delivery start tracking not immediately, but in a few days, so if the parcel is not being tracked, do not rush to write to technical support, it is possible that tracking will begin in an hour.


We are very happy when our customers receive packages. And we are very happy when you send your photos of parcels to us in the mail or leave feedback about your parcels. For each review left on the site, you will have a small bonus!

Happy shopping!