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Shopping assistant in Italy

shopping concierge italy


Shopping assistant in Italy


Italy is famous for its high-quality fashion, luxury goods, and delicious gourmet products. From designer clothing and accessories to fine wines and gourmet foods, Italian online stores offer a vast selection of exclusive items. However, many of these stores do not accept international payment methods. Shopogolic is here to bridge that gap! Our purchase order service allows you to shop from Italy effortlessly, even if the store doesn’t accept your payment method. Whether it's a rare item, a local deal, or a high-demand product, we’ve got you covered.

Provide Product Details:

Send us the details of the item you wish to purchase, including the product link, size, colour, quantity, and any specific requirements.

We Buy the Item:

Our team will purchase the item using our accepted payment methods and have it shipped to our local warehouse.

We Receive Your Items:

Once we receive the items to our local warehouse in Italy, we will notify you.

Consolidation and Savings:

If you have multiple orders, we offer free consolidation services, combining your packages into one shipment to save on shipping costs.

How Does Shopping Assistant Work?

Supplier do not accept your payment? We have a solution!

A shopping assistant service in Italy allows you to buy products from local stores even if they do not accept your payment method. Shopogolic acts as an intermediary, purchasing the item on your behalf and then forwarding it to your address.

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Why use Shopogolic purchase order service in Italy?

The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.


Access to Exclusive Deals:

Shop from stores in Italy that do not accept your payment method.



Avoid the hassle of navigating international payments.


Cost Savings:

Benefit from our free consolidation service, reducing overall shipping costs.


Global Reach:

Purchase items from a wide range of countries.

Shopping Assistant service FAQ

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can contact our friendly team.

A purchase order service allows Shopogolic to buy items on your behalf from Italian stores that may not accept your payment method.

Log in to your Shopogolic account, go to the purchase order section, and fill out the request form with the product details.

You need to provide the product link, size, colour, quantity, and any specific requirements for the item you wish to purchase.

The purchase time may vary depending on the store and item availability. We will notify you once the purchase is made and the item is shipped to our warehouse.

Fees may apply based on the country and service specifics. Please check our rates for detailed information.

Yes, Shopogolic offers free consolidation services to combine multiple purchase orders into one shipment, saving you on shipping costs. This can also include items forwarded to the same warehouse.

Yes all customers automatically got the discount with our loyalty program, please read more

We can send products that are allowed for international shipping. Please refer to our list of Prohibited Goods for further information.

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