Loyalty program fo Shopogolic.net customers
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Loyalty programme

Shopogolic.net offer to any customer borderless and easy shopping in Europe with delivery to your home country. Also, we help to save money on your purchases with free consolidation and free standard packaging. We love our customers and have special discounts for your parcels and any service provided by us. 

A new loyalty program helps you save more money if you shop and send with us. In your account now available a scale where your discount will be collected, the more purchases you make and the more parcels you send, the higher the discount for your subsequent parcels and orders.

All customers automatically get that status:


  • Newby - such a customer has just passed registration and he does not yet have any discounts on the services. You need to send some parcels and create orders for more than £2000 to go to the next level.

  • Shopper - status means that you are already confidently making purchases and sending your goods and we give you a 5% discount on all sent parcels and 10% on commission fees. Up to the next level, you need to spend more than £3000.

  • Expert - you are already a full expert in borderless shopping and your name have already known by our team. We are very glad that you stay with us and we give you 10% for all parcels and 25% discount for commissions from the order. Up to the next level, there remains £5000.

  • Guru - cool, you have reached perfection in purchases and have completely plunged into shopping together with us. You have spent more than £10,000 in the Shopogolic system. You have a maximum discount for shipping at 15% and a discount on commission from orders of 50%.

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