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Amazon FBA Prep Services

UK Amazon FBA Prep Services

Amazon UK FBA prep centre in the UK is a solution for any customer who would like to start a new business or expand current and get more profit from the best-selling online platform. If you are experienced Amazon seller or just start your new hobby and looking for a prep service within the UK to prepare your products for Amazon, we could be the solution for you! Our warehouse operates since 2013, and we are happy to share our experience with you. Simply ship your products to our address, and we check it, label, prep and forward to Amazon. 
We launch a new site for FBA and Ebay sellers, welcome to e-commerce sales world!

How it works?

Just sign up and get your personal warehouse address for your goods in the United Kingdom

Send your products to our warehouse, we receive unpack and inspect it. You will get the full list of your products

We label every product and repack with Amazon FBA requirements and prepare it for shipping

Your products will be packed and you get the invoice, we ship all boxes to Amazon FBA


We accept your returns and manage if requested. We also offer storage for your products. 


Amazon FBA Pay As You Go Prices

We know how to difficult start the online business and how many problems entrepreneur can meet on his way to success.
Our simple prices for any volumes big or small and you can calculate your margin to avoid any surprises. 
Don't worry about packing, poly bags, suffocation or FNSKU label it all included in price


Sign up, fill your business details and get your address for Amazon FBA prep - FREE

We receive goods, inspect for damage, label and prep for shipping -  £0.50 + VAT PER ITEM

Repacking, poly bags, suffocation label, inserts, bubble if requested by Amazon - FREE

The return address for your business and processing - £0.50 + VAT PER ITEM

Storage fees for your products (14 days for FREE) - 1 PALLET £20.00 + VAT MONTH

Only Forwarding (no prep required) -  £5.00 + VAT BOX


Why you have to choose our FBA Amazon prep services

Professional prep services for any customer, experienced staff, a quick turnaround of your products

We help our clients from around the world, forward your items from China, India or Europe we can handle it

We run as Pay As You Go system, so you can start any time and finish any time you want. No monthly contracts!

Full range of services, forwarding, storage and consolidation, fulfilment, worldwide shipping

The Best possible prices for Amazon FBA prep, just run a business, and we do the rest. Save your time and money!

24 hour process: receive, check, prep and ship. Warehouse system allows us to handle all items as quickly as possible.

No hidden fees and transparent prices for any services. We accept all bank cards and PayPal or bank transfers

Quick support, we answer your questions just in few hours time or chat with us on WhatsApp, we are able to help


Still, have any questions? Our WhatsApp — +447435805614

We really care about our customers and the convenience of our service.