Parcels delivery from UK and Europe to Ukraine
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Parcel delivery to Ukraine

Parcel delivery from England to Ukraine

Delivery of goods, goods, and parcels from England to Ukraine is one of the priorities of our activities. We are happy to cooperate with Ukrainian customers and help deliver goods from British or German shops in the shortest possible time. We offer various economical types of delivery for small packages and parcels as well as for cargo and commerce. Our goal is to make shopping in England, convenient and inexpensive for all visitors from Ukraine or Russia and all Europe and the CIS. We are happy to share with you our experience and discounts for any items.

Shopogolic Standart

Economy parcels from England to Ukraine

This delivery is all over Ukraine in more up to the recipient's address or to the Meest branch. Shopogolic Standart can be used for delivery of large and small parcels, small wholesale. This type of delivery is ideal for Joint Purchases, Internet Shops and for delivery of large parcels, strollers, bicycles and auto parts. It is required to fill in the brief contents of the parcels on the site in the declaration and the full name of the recipient.
Dimensions and weight
The maximum dimensions of the box are 100 * 50 * 50 cm (the maximum length is 120 cm)
The sum of the three sides is not more than 200 cm. Only the actual weight of the parcel is taken into account, a maximum of 30 kg.
Full tracking the number on Meest site. Insurance of goods 5% of the value cost
Delivery speed
The average delivery time to Ukraine is 7 - 14 days depending on the region. Despatches from the warehouse few times a week.
How to receive
Delivery to your door or local courier office across the country. Can be sent to different recipients. Suitable for delivery of small wholesale lots and oversized parcels.

UA Cargo

Delivery of big cargo

This is the delivery of your goods by land transport to Ukraine and further to any region. Parcels are delivered by auto transport to the border and pass customs control, in Ukraine it is delivered via local courier. The average delivery time is 10 - 15 days. You can send any goods including cosmetics, perfume, porcelain and fragile goods, wholesale, oversized. Delivery of large size in Ukraine is an affordable option for a small wholesale or many personal items. Additional payment may be requested upon receipt in remote regions. Filling the contents with the shipment and the recipient address is required on the website declaration.
Dimensions and weight
The maximum dimensions are 100 * 100 * 100 cm
The actual weight is calculated. The maximum load is 100 kg, several cargoes can be shipped
Cargo tracking is possible after crossing the border. Parcels in this way can be insured for any amount of 10%. The price includes delivery to your city.
Speed of delivery
The average delivery time to Ukraine is 15 - 25 days depending on the region. Despatches from the warehouse once every 7 to 10 days. We help to prepare all necessary documents for customs.
Where to get
Delivery to your nearest courier office. You can send to different recipients if necessary. Suitable for any products including medium wholesale, cosmetics, perfume, electronics, small equipment.

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We really care about our customers and the convenience of our service. Calculate shipping costs
Parcel delivery from England (United Kingdom) to Ukraine depends on customs control.
Delivery frames on the website are approximate and we can not guarantee delivery on time.
Each individual cannot receive goods with an estimated value of more than €150 per month, without paying a fee per day and weighing more than 31 kg.