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List of Prohibited Goods for Shipment from the USA to Russia

Dear Shopogolic Customers,

For your convenience and compliance with international standards, we have compiled an updated list of items prohibited for shipping from the USA to Russia. We ask you to familiarize yourself with this list before placing an order to avoid possible delays or problems with customs. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring safe and efficient delivery. Standard international restrictions on shipping from the USA to Russia can be found here.

List of Items Prohibited for Shipment from the USA to Russia

  • Military clothing and accessories with military coloring, dual-purpose military goods.
  • All household appliances and electrical devices, including TVs, kitchen machines, mixers.
  • All types of electronics with GPS, including navigators, echo sounders, drones.
  • Audio and video equipment: players, mixing consoles, projectors, speakers.
  • Computer equipment: processors, components, scanners.
  • Toys and constructors of all kinds.
  • Cosmetics and perfumery, including care and decorative products.
  • Items made of fur and natural leather, including accessories and clothing.
  • Jewelry and costume jewelry, items made of precious metals and stones.
  • Glasses of all kinds, including sports, sunglasses, and ski masks.
  • Bags, wallets, suitcases made of any materials, including backpacks.
  • Auto, motorcycle parts and components for boats and aircraft.
  • Medical goods and equipment, including diagnostic devices.
  • Tourism goods: tents, sleeping bags, hammocks, tourist canopies.
  • Stationary and IP phones, hoverboards, electric shavers.
  • Food products without airtight packaging and with a shelf life of less than 6 months.
  • Clothing and footwear costing over $300, as well as items made from rare animal leather.
  • Weapons of all kinds, including parts and accessories.
  • Alcoholic products, ethyl alcohol, tobacco products, and smoking blends.
  • Flammable liquids, aerosols, including pressurized canisters.
  • Tools and equipment for manufacturing ammunition.
  • Medicines and vitamins (clarification required from support service).
  • Industrial equipment and its components.
  • Watches with precious stones or straps made of precious metals.
  • Kitchen knives, binoculars, telescopes.
  • Military clothing and equipment, including bulletproof vests and helmets.
  • Cultural valuables and works of art requiring certification.

If you have questions regarding the shipment of any item, please contact us in the chat on the website, and our operators will consult you.