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The Russia Sanctions Regulations



Under the new customs regulations and the sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation, the total value of 1 parcel cannot exceed 990 EUR (~ 850 GBP) per person per day.

The new limit is valid on a temporary basis and is not subject to duty until 1 April 2023. Thereafter, this customs limit may be reviewed.


Category limits

Type of goods

Detailed example

Goods that can not exceed a value of 300 EUR (~260 GBP) per 1 unit

  • Clothing and shoes
  • Accessories (bags, purses, jewellery, watches, scarves, etc.)
  • Cosmetics and vitamins
  • Food products
  • Small goods for the home and garden

(We don't deliver assembled or disassembled furniture)

A bag of 400 EUR will be confiscated by customs as the limit of 300 EUR per item has been violated.

You MAY send a handbag worth EUR 300, a skirt worth EUR 300, a scarf worth EUR 250 in one parcel (total parcel value is up to the limit 990 EUR).

Goods that can not exceed a value of 750 EUR (~650 GBP) per 1 unit

  • Small electronic appliances (hairdryers, kettles, vacuum cleaners and etc.)


We don't deliver large or fragile appliances (washing machines, TVs, etc.)

Electronic appliances are strictly checked at customs.
All parcels are scanned at customs.


The rules are similar to the example of goods up to 300 EUR per item.

Goods with no value limit, but no more than 990 EUR (~850 GBP) per parcel per day

  • Car and motorbike spare parts (We send wheels, wipers, pads and other spare parts)
  • Baby carriages
  • Bicycles
  • Photo and film cameras, projectors
  • Sound recording equipment
  • Musical instruments

We don't deliver bumpers, windows, airbags, motors (any parts that are too big, fragile or heavy)

The rules are similar to the examples of goods up to 300 EUR or 750 EUR per unit

Weight limit for food and groceries 

A parcel may not contain more than 5 kg of sanctioned food:


Sanctioned products are anything that contain:

  • Meat (sausages, jamon, stew etc.)
  • Milk (cheese, biscuits, milk chocolate, milk chocolate sweets, etc.)
  • Seafood (fish, canned tuna, etc.)


Oil up to 5 litres for one parcel.

All other groceries can be delivered without a weight limit. 

The parcel contains 3kg of sausage, 1kg of cheese, 1kg of biscuits. The parcel can be delivered as the total weight is 5kg.


The parcel contains 3 kg of sausage, 1 kg of cheese, 1 kg packet of biscuits, 3 litres of oil, canned vegetables. The parcel can be delivered, it weighs more than 5 kg, but as oil and canned vegetables are not sanctioned products, the weight limit can be exceeded.


The parcel contains 1 kg of chocolate, 3.5 kg of ham, 1 kg of cheese. The parcel cannot be delivered as it contains 5.50 kg of sanctioned products, it will be confiscated by customs.

Goods for pets

Pet food and any medicines belong to goods subject to veterinary control and may only be imported at checkpoints where the Rosselkhoznadzor inspection has authority, in other words, where border veterinary and phytosanitary control divisions have been set up.

We do not deliver pet food or any medicines for pets.


We do not disassemble or reassemble any goods. Shopogolic staff do not disassemble bicycles, servers, computers, appliances or other solid goods of any size.

The list of goods that are fully prohibited and goods that are not covered by insurance can be found via this link


Please note that the declaration of goods is the responsibility of the customer (
Terms and ConditionsDelivery section)
If the limits are not followed, Customs have the right to confiscate the parcel without notice and without refund (confiscating a parcel is not an insurance case)


Please note the maximum allowed dimensions for delivery to Russia when ordering any items to a Virtual address or using the Shopping Concierge Service:


(courier delivery to the recipient's door)


Maximum weight is 30 kg

Length + width + height = up to 200 cm
(one side max. 120 cm)


(delivery to the post office)


Maximum weight is 20 kg

Length + width + height = up to 150 cm
(one side max. 100 cm)