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Date Country Address Status
16/08/23 11:09 PT AROUCA Delivered
16/08/23 03:30 PT Maia Out For Delivery
16/08/23 03:00 PT Maia Arrived at Facility
14/08/23 17:30 ES Benavente Departed from Facility
14/08/23 10:00 ES Benavente Arrived at Facility
12/08/23 07:20 FR In transit EU
11/08/23 22:54 FR Corbeil Essonnes Departed from Facility
11/08/23 19:35 FR Corbeil Essonnes Arrived at Facility
11/08/23 18:42 FR Plaisir Departed from Facility
11/08/23 16:47 FR Plaisir Origin Scan
11/08/23 15:18 FR Plaisir Pickup Scan
11/08/23 14:37 FR Shipper created a label, UPS has not received the package yet.

Shopogolic Limited

Weight: 1.10 kg
In transit: 193 days