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Date Country Address Status
27/07/23 11:09 BY BYPINS, Belarus BYPINS Delivery
27/07/23 06:08 BY BYPINS, Belarus BYPINS Unsuccessful delivery attempt, Addressee cannot be located
27/07/23 05:43 BY BYPINS, Belarus BYPINS Processing, Arrival at delivery office
26/07/23 15:36 BY BYMSQA, Belarus BYMSQA Processing, Departure from transit office of exchange
26/07/23 15:14 BY BYMSQA, Belarus BYMSQA Customs clearance, Released by custom house
26/07/23 09:49 BY BYMSQA, Belarus BYMSQA Retained by customs, Retained by customs/ security for unspecified reason
26/07/23 08:51 BY BYMSQA, Belarus BYMSQA Handed over to customs
26/07/23 07:59 BY BYMSQA, Belarus BYMSQA Import of international mail
21/07/23 14:14 DE 500983, Russian Post Berlin Cp Export of international mail
21/07/23 06:07 DE 500983, Russian Post Berlin Cp Acceptance, Composite
18/07/23 15:40 PL In transit EU

Shopogolic Limited

Weight: 2.00 kg
In transit: 217 days