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Date Country Address Status
12/02/20 12:05 KZ Kazakhstan Item delivered
12/02/20 04:57 KZ Kazakhstan Your shipment has arrived at the postal operator of the country of destination and will be delivered in the coming days.
10/02/20 00:42 KZ Kazakhstan Arrival distribution office
08/02/20 05:41 KZ Kazakhstan Item sorted at sorting center
07/02/20 23:41 KZ Kazakhstan Departure to distribution network
06/02/20 07:41 KZ Kazakhstan Customs cleared : authorized
05/02/20 23:07 KZ Kazakhstan Item presented at the Customs
05/02/20 21:51 KZ Kazakhstan Arrival from abroad
01/02/20 10:00 KZ Received at international processing center
01/02/20 10:00 KZ Heston, MIDDX Crossing border and in transit to carrier hub
01/02/20 06:14 KZ Heston, MIDDX Transmitted customs information
01/02/20 06:13 KZ Heston, MIDDX Grouped at Landmark facility
31/01/20 09:40 KZ BEBRUA Routed
31/01/20 09:40 GB Heston, MIDDX Processed
24/01/20 03:41 GB Ipswich Shipment Data Uploaded

Shopogolic Ltd

Weight: 6.50 kg
In transit: 350 days

Senbaeva Gauhar -