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Date Country Address Status
24/08/22 22:10 Malaysia Arrival from abroad
17/08/22 21:41 Received at international processing center
17/08/22 21:40 Machelen Crossing border and in transit to carrier hub
17/08/22 21:36 Machelen Transmitted customs information
17/08/22 21:35 Machelen Grouped when pallet scanned to crossing (ILPOST P 170822 N)
17/08/22 20:39 Machelen Scanned at Landmark crossdock facility
17/08/22 20:39 Package weight updated at facility
17/08/22 18:56 Machelen Processed
16/08/22 10:02 FR In transit
15/08/22 06:58 Dormagen Shipment Data Uploaded

Shopogolic Limited

Weight: 3.60 kg
In transit: 475 days