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Parcel forwarding address in Turkey: rules

Please read the rules for your virtual address in Turkiye.

Please do not use your forwarding address in Turkiye for other purposes than shopping. You can order the goods in any online shops and marketplaces. If the seller does not accept your billing address or card, please create a purchase order

Rules that must be followed by all customers without any exceptions:

  • We strictly prohibit the use of our address for company registrations, any governments services, Google services, banks etc
  • Purchases paid by third party card or accounts not accepted and will be returned
  • We do not forward goods to addresses in Turkey for further distribution or forwarding by intermediaries
  • All goods should be fully paid by you without exceptions
  • We only accept orders with names matching the account name

In case of rule violation, we reserve the right to return parcels, block accounts, and contact local authorities or police without prior consent or notification


Address example:

Name: Your name and surname

Company Name: Topparcel Lojistik - where possible

Address line 1: 56 Sokak. No: 27/12 - our warehouse location

Address line 2: Yaylacık mah, USXXXXX - customer number

City: Bursa

County: Nilüfer

Postcode: 16110

Phone: warehouse phone number (you can specify it in stores, but it's better to provide your own mobile number to receive SMS notifications about delivery)

Terms and conditions Prohibited goods

Shop online

Make a purchase from any local online stores, paying for them using your preferred payment method. When placing an order, you provide your virtual address as the delivery address along with your customer number

We receive your orders

Typically, we receive and process all orders within 2 - 4 days. We will notify you as soon as we get it to our Turkiye warehouse

Additional services

If you require any additional services, such as order pictures, we'll handle it and notify you via email. Afterward, you can have your goods sent to a chosen address

Shipment preparation

Create an outgoing shipment and declare the goods accurately. We will handle the picking, packaging, weighing, and measurement. Soon you will receive an invoice for payment.

Payment and shipping

After receiving your payment, we will process the parcel, prepare the customs documents, and hand it over to the courier. Some delivery types may be processed on the same day, while others may be processed on the following day, depending on the courier's cut-off times.

Tracking and receiving

After the shipment is processed, you will receive the tracking details. Upon receiving the package, please ensure it is undamaged and meets your satisfaction

All parcels that are imported into Turkey from abroad by international courier companies (DHL, Fedex, UPS, Post, etc.) are stopped by customs and duty payment is required. We will not be able to receive such parcels and clear them through customs, so they will be automatically sent back. We accept parcels only local and fully paid!!!

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