Germany address rules

To verify the account, everyone who uses our address, we can request a copy of the passport (main page and the address). When you receive a letter from the support you will be able to use the address without restrictions. Please do not use your virtual address for other purposes than shopping. The address is only for personal purchases in shops and at the E-bay auction. If in the store where you make a purchase you can not specify the payer address in your country, then you must create a purchase order.


Rules that must be followed by all customers without any exceptions:

1. It is strictly forbidden to specify our address as the billing address!
2. If our warehouse receives purchases paid not from your account or cards, but by third parties, then such purchases are automatically returned to the seller, your account is blocked, and the data is transferred to the appropriate authorities in your country of residence.

3. We do not accept goods purchased on credit or by credit cards from Germany and European countries. We do not forward the goods to the addresses in Germany of other forwarding companies.
4. We checking customers and all the damages that are attributable to us in connection with the use of third-party cards/accounts and credit cards will be completely deducted from your balance in favor of the company. We do not reimburse any funds back in this situation.
5. We do not accept parcels sent to other person names, if different from the name of a registered user, they are automatically sent back, and the account is blocked.


To start with a little help:
  • Lieferadresse – in translation this is the delivery address, only here you can enter the address that you received from us.
  • Rechnungsadresse – this is the address to which invoices are billed and it is attached to your credit card. Sometimes the payment fails because the client replaces his home address with the virtual address received during registration on our site. This is a gross violation, you can not specify the address of the warehouse for billing. For this, we impose a fine of 100 euros.


When shopping, you fill in these 2 fields, write your home address (Rechnungsadresse)in one field, in another (Lieferadresse) - the address of our warehouse with your customer number and your name and surname in English.


Parcels without a customer number, with an incorrect address, an incomprehensible name and surname are sent back or not processed. Use the address for purchases carefully.


Example of completing Lieferadresse (Delivery address)

Name: your name and surname
Adresse 1: Adolf-Damaschke-Str. 60 – street and house number
Adresse 2: SHXXXXX – your customer ID number 
Postleitzahl: 14542 – postcode 
Stadt:  Werder-Havel  – city
Land: Deutschland – country
Telefonnummer: +493315676165 – warehouse phone number (you can specify it in stores, but it's better to specify your own mobile number to receive SMS notifications of delivery)

Amazon and some other sites are asking to change the address format and offer their own version, in both cases the address will be correct, and we will receive the goods, but in the version offered to you there will not be your customer number, so do not settle for this trick.


How it works
  1. You buy in stores, paying for shopping by yourself in any way you like.
  2. When placing an order in the store, you specify your virtual address as the delivery address.
  3. We receive parcels from stores in our warehouse in Germany (usually within 4-5 days of order payment).
  4. You create the outgoing parcel.
  5. We complete the parcel, weigh it and bill you for payment.
  6. You pay the shipping costs and the parcel is sent to you.



If you make orders with delivery to our warehouse from outside the European Union (for example, from the US, China or Japan), then it is likely that there will be a need to pay customs duties. It is recommended to use our warehouse for purchases in EU countries only. If the parcel was delivered from the outside of the EU, it is automatically blocked for up to 1 month to pay customs duties. In the outgoing parcel, you can add both the goods purchased by shopping concierge service and incoming parcels received at your "virtual" address. The only limitation that you may encounter is that not all stores are ready to accept cards issued by non-german banks. In such cases, you can use our Help to buy service.

  • When registering and making independent purchases in online stores, the Customer is prohibited from specifying the address and/or company name as the billing address and name. It is also forbidden to specify any email address of the company. If the Client violates this obligation, the company reserves the right to apply financial (a penalty of 100 euros) and/or administrative (denial of service) measures to the Customer.
  • If the documents attached to the incoming parcel do not imply that the goods have been paid for by the Client, the company may request confirmation of payment. In the absence of confirmation of payment for the goods, the order will be returned back to the store without explanation within 3 days. All parcels arrived without a name and/or customer numbers will not be accepted into the warehouse and will be automatically returned to the sellers immediately.
  • All orders arriving in the name of the Client at the warehouse of the company must be paid by the Customer only, that means, using personally owned plastic cards, bank accounts or payment system accounts. In the event that a different person acts as a payer on the Client's orders, the Client is obliged to give a power of attorney for payment on behalf of that other person at the first request of the company within 3 days. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the return of the order to the store and the imposition of a fine of 100 euros and the suspension of the account. All goods and stores without exception must be fully paid, it is strictly forbidden to send orders to the warehouse on credit or with payment as they are received (cash on delivery), etc.
  • The company has the unconditional right, but not the obligation, to open the parcels of the Client for the purpose of checking the contents for compliance with the order and repacking for sending to the Client's address. Parcels arriving at the warehouse with names other than names in the accounts will also not be accepted and will be automatically returned.
  • The company does not forward or accept for storage of goods prohibited for shipment by German law or the country receiving the parcel. The Client undertakes not to use the means and capabilities of the company to store or forward such goods. If the Client violates this obligation, the Company reserves the right to apply financial (up to 100 EUR) and/or administrative (denial of service) measures to the Client.