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Parcel forwarding address in Italy: rules

How the Forwarding address service in Italy works
  1. You make purchases in Italian shops, paying for them yourself in any convenient way for you.
  2. When placing an order in the store, you specify your forwarding address as the delivery address and your customer number.
  3. We get your purchases from stores in our Italian warehouse (usually within 4-5 days).
  4. You create an outgoing parcel (consolidate it, if required) in your account.
  5. We pack your parcel, weight and measure it. You receive an invoice for payment.
  6. You pay the shipping cost and we send your parcel.


Useful information on online shopping in Italy:
  • Indirizzo di consegna – the delivery address, here you can use the received address.
  • Indirizzo di fatturazione – this is the address, to which invoices are billed. It is attached to your credit card. Sometimes the payment fails because the client replaces their home address with the virtual address received during the registration on our site. It is a violation, you must not specify the warehouse address for billing.
  • Please make sure you have filled in all the virtual address details and provided your account number.
  • Amazon and some other sites ask customers to change the address format, providing their own versions. In both cases the address will be correct, and we will receive your goods. However, in the version offered by the shop will not contain your customer number, so do not forget to include it.


Example of Italian Delivery address

Name: Your name and surname
Company Name: c/o Starhus – use if possible

Indirizzo 1: via Coriano, 58 Blocco 78Z – street and house number
Indirizzo 2: AUXXXXX – your customer ID number 
Codice Postale: 47924 – postcode 
Città: Rimini – city
Municipalità: Emilia-Romagna

Numero di telefono: +393272410059 – we generally recommend using your phone number, but sometimes you can also add our number to some shops for the delivery reason


You need to verify the account, everyone using our address has to provide original personal details. Please do not use your forwarding address for other purposes than shopping. The address is only for personal purchases in online shops. If an online shop does not accept your billing address, please create order, so that we can buy it for you..


Rules that must be followed by all customers without any exceptions:

1. It is strictly forbidden to specify our address as the billing address!
2. If our warehouse receives purchases paid not by your account or cards, but by third parties, then such purchases are automatically returned to the seller, your account is blocked, and the data is transferred to the appropriate authorities in your country of residence. We do not accept any orders on due invoices or paid by gift cards or cryptocurrency.

3. We do not accept goods purchased on credit or by credit cards from Italy. We do not forward the goods to the addresses in Italy or other forwarding companies.
4. All the damages attributable to us in connection with the use of third-party cards/accounts and credit cards will be completely deducted from your balance in favour of the company. We do not reimburse any funds in this situation.
5. We do not accept parcels with the names different from the name of the registered user. Such parcels are automatically sent back, and the account is blocked.